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Hi guys! Rad just launched an electric trike, and I got to spend some time with it in Seattle. Here's my review, I'd love to hear your thoughts and you can post other reviews from around the web or your own if you buy one. I like how approachable it is, the many accessories they offer, the powerful hub motor they used (same as RadRover), and the sturdy build.

  • Nice article from Electrek talking about the low price point, and how Rad is the first major brand to launch a trike. They include more of the stock photos and a video.
Official press release here:

Rad Power Bikes, the largest ebike brand in North America, is launching its single most requested model in Rad’s history: the RadTrike. The all-new electric tricycle empowers independence and brings the joy of ebikes to more riders. It offers maximum stability, blurring the line between ebikes and light electric vehicles with car-like functionality, and is Rad’s latest move to deliver climate-friendly mobility options for everyone.

Some key features include:
  • A 5-level Pedal Assist System (PAS) and an on-demand throttle to help riders enjoy the ride with less exertion
  • A generous step-thru space and parking brake to create a seamless on and off experience
  • A backrest and a tall sweeping handlebar for a comfy, upright ride, that fits a wide range of rider heights
  • A steel frame that results in an industry-leading 415lb payload capacity and absorbs bumps in the road
  • Reverse functionality and a frame that fits through most exterior doorways to navigate tight situations
  • Easy folding for storage and on-the-go fun
RadTrike is available for pre-order to riders in the US for $2,499 and will start shipping in mid-January.


Please find additional details in the press release HERE, and more assets linked below. Let me know if you have any questions on RadTrike!
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My Rad Trike was delivered yesterday. I am currently not happy.

The axle for the driven wheel is horribly bent, which make the wheel wobble. We put a digital runout gauge on the hub and it’s out of round by about 60 thou. At the tire, this becomes a good quarter inch. The box was undamaged but it looks like shipping damage to me. The chain is also insanely tight, and at the end of its adjustment range so it can’t be fixed. I am wondering if whatever bent that axle, bent other stuff too.

Rad answers their phone pretty quickly but their front line people are having to consult others there. And at this time of year they are probably swamped. So I wait.

Anyone else ordered a trike? I am wondering about other people’s experience. I don’t know how many they are producing, but it keeps going out of stock in their site, so some people must have them.
Rad has written back to me. They want to just replace it. My husband is not happy. Putting it back in the shipping box is going to be like putting together a difficult puzzle, and since he is the able bodied one, this falls on him. ☹️
Second trike arrived today. It has the same bent axle and tight chain as the first trike, only worse. Back to Rad support…