Rad not working at all

Taylor Guziewicz

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I absolutely love the purchase I've made but after 550 km. i've hit a little bump in the road. For some reason I started getting my display turning off then The lcd would turn it back on Then the display battery would drain sometimes it would actually come back and then the error code 30 adnormal communication now the display won't turn on at all

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

I'm going to call rad rover tomorrow
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Double check all connections. Make sure they are dry. I would add a very small amount of dielectric grease inside the connections to keep out moisture and corrosion. I even heat shrinked mine to keep them connected/protected, but the Bafang connectors usually connect with a satisfying snap to begin with. IMO, you could have a broken wire making partial contact, a pin that has pulled out from the connector (look inside all connections to verify pins showing), or a bad motherboard inside the LCD. Reach out to RPB though, because they have probably run into this issue before and know the fix. We do have warranties for a reason. Here is my contact at RPB I've dealt with in the past: [email protected].
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I got in contact with Rad Power Bikes and they told me that the issue was associated with the controller. which I agree is probably most likely the issue. They were really quick and fast to respond. There send me out a new controller. I live in Canada excellent Service on their part hopefully it fixes my problem.
Yeah so I received on the new controller hooked it up hoping That this would solve my problem and low and behold same issue. so I called Rad Power bikes and told them it must be the display or the wire harness they said no problem will send this to you ASAP which is pretty awesome on their part .
Got all that stuff today including the new display. Bike started working again which was awesome but my pedal assist is not working which is a complete bummer as it helps keep The motor efficient. I can't figure out why it's not working and I've tried everything so it's starting to get a little frustrating. The other thing is I'm really drawing a blank in regards to problems. none of them really seem to make sense I take apart everything inspect everything and there's literally no water damage or pinches in the wires so I can't see why anything would fail?
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@Taylor Guziewicz, did you check the alignment of your pedal assist sensor & magnets on the crank arms? If that ring with the magnets is more than a few millimeters separated from the sensor, the sensor may have difficulty reading the magnets and only give an intermittent assist. The ring with the magnets is easily moved, just make sure it looks fairly evenly spaced from the sensor.
Hi @Taylor Guziewicz,

Ann M.'s recommendation is a good one, and I suspect the PAS sensor failed in tandem with your motor controller if all other systems are a GO now, but PAS is not responding. The tech support team will get you a new sensor and replacement instructions if they have not already, just send them a note ;)

Sometimes electrical diagnostics leave me feeling the same way, phantoms that you can't get to the bottom of.
So I've been meaning to get back to this forum in response I finally fixed all my problems associated with the rad rover which puts a smile back on my face as it's an awesome bike.
Though I did notice a bit of a flaw associated with this bike. The wiring harness has so many stranded wires coming through it that they become stretched over time. when churning the bike side to side. it's weird because typically it's not a problem you would necessarily even notice. it took me a while to figure out there was a pinch or a stretch. typically it's not a problem you would necessarily even notice it took me a while to figure out there was a pinch or a stretch.