Quick release on fat folding ebike


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Hi I'm struggling to find any information on how to convert a fat tire 20x4 folding ebike front wheel to a quick release skewer. I want to quickly remove the front wheel during transportation. From what I've gathered they all seem to use a solid stud axle and I would need a hollow hub shaft axle. I can't find any hollow shaft axles for fat tire bikes.

Has anyone successfully converted one of these bike to a quick release skewer?


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This is kind of a "shopping at Neimann Marcus" kind of question. It depends a lot on exactly how the bolt-on hub works, but if you have a loose ball hub you should be able to pull it off:

I'm obviously new to this. My hub uses cartridge bearing. I can't find a hollow tube axle kit for this type of fron wheel.
Then you are going to have to reweave the wheel on a new hub, most likely.