Question for Sduro owners


When I was setting my clock I accidentally pushed the "power" button and "light" button instead of the "System" button and what came up on the display was a reading that you can toggle between L1 and L2 (I think it was L could of been a capital I) and then some random numbers that shift slightly below the setting...any idea what this setting is?

I appreciate any thoughts
Just for fun, when it is dark, toggle between the settings and see if it changes the light.

Caveat.. don't have one of these, so am going out on a limb...
It looks to have the same display as my Full Nine RC.
But other than clock set-up, can't find any other instructions at the moment.
this is what it looks like
My display is not stuck here ....just curious what the 2 settings are ...I can jump on and out of this mode but it's just not documented anywhere...what do the 2 levels do?
Somebody knows what the 1505.3 and 1506.2 is for ?

Also my lcd does not display temperature. I see on every display on internet it shows the temperature. I have a yamaha x94 on a haibike sduro trekking s rx.

After 300 km/2 weeks. My chain came off and I fell. Also bolts came loose and after these 300 km I got a new motor. It suggests the haibike dealer I choose sucks big time. Also my rear wheel keeps getting off center after every ride. I never buy a haibike again. But I sold my car and I try to go to work on the bike, if it is not broke. I did this to save money for my family. We do not have much and going to work on the bike instead of the car would be beneficial. But I would like to know where the 1505.3, 1506.2 are for and if it is normal to have no temperature on the display. Anyone?
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A friend has a 2015 SDURO FullNine.
It has a temp readout on the display.
My 2016 model doesent have that feature.