Pumped Rover to 30 psi.


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I weigh 270 pounds, and had been running 15 to 20 psi. Today I pumped up to 30 to see what it would feel like.

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Feels like a glider now, MUCH better rolling resistance.
Cold as hell, with wind chill below 0*, but still went for a ride. The beer didn't get warm.
I've been messing around with my PSI with a low of 15 and a high of 25. I'm also at 270lbs and the Radrover does feel better riding and turning at the higher PSI. I do a lot of hard packed dirt, sand, and single track trail riding and worry the smooth road ride my cause me to loose traction/grip on trail rides. I now keep it around 18-20 PSI to kinda split the difference between road and trail.

I've noticed I only use about 2 to 2 1/4 inches of the tire tread with the higher PSI on harder surfaces. I ended up getting a lot of tire wear down the middle, especially on the rear tire. I ended up upgrading my tires to Vee 8 120 tpi because my rears on both Radrovers were about 30%-35% after 800 miles of mostly paved roads. I think you could go with the 2 1/2 inch hookworms+30 PSI and might be better off than the Kendra knobby if you are 100% urban.
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100% Urban or hard pack, so the OEM tires will not get replaced when I wear them out. Hookworms or these: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) when I change.
I run about 30psi. 195#'s. I ride fast and hard on the pavement (old motorcycle racer). "Pop Out" a new term to me. Should I be worried?
The only downsides at 30 PSI and Kenda tires is just higher wear down the center of the tread and a touch more bumpy at max speed.
I just went tubeless on both original tires. At 6'2", 215lbs. I am running 20lbs. front and rear. 95% Pavement where I live in Las Vegas. Extremely happy with the tubeless tires. Next removing the decals and adding my own design, and changing the handlebar stem. Other than that I'm leaving it alone. At 64 yrs. old. My past is catching up. Harleys to E Bikes. Hmmm, still a lot of fun!


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"I just went tubeless on both original tires."
I live just up the road from you, in St. George. Speak to me about the change to tubeless with the original Kendas.
I've had 4 flats in the past two months (Tuffy liners and Slime). I'm thinking the tubeless might help?
Same here, Go Tubeless and your life will be more fun. I hate changing flat tires. Let alone often. So far so good. You can buy a kit on ebay for 40=60$. I just took mine to the bike shop here in town on a Monday, and picked it up the next day, $61. Works for me. I as well am on the original Kendas. Good luck, hope all goes well. Also tubeless tires are getting very common. By the time we need new tires there will be even more to choose from. On another note. Just got my spoke tightner in the mail today. Check them !!! many loose ones. I was quite surprised. Have a good one neighbor.
My last three flats on my Radrover was from a 4" brass wood screw, road debris that put a 1/4 inch slit my rear tire, and trail riding when I ran over wood spike that puncture the tire, Mr. Tuffy, and tube. All three of those flats required me to replace the tube to get back on the road (usually 3-6 miles from home when it happened). I keep all the tools/parts needed to repair/replace a flat. I'm not sure if going tubeless would have the same result compared to carrying a spare tube?
Yup. It's not gonna take care of everything. But you could take care of 8-9 times out of 10. I'll never go back to tubes. Safe Riding to ya.