PRODECOTECH Outlaw SS fantastic bike, review was off the mark


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Hello I bought a Prodecotech Outlaw SS from the factory in Ft Lauderdale. I was going to Miami to buy a new Stromer when I decided to stop at Prodecotech. The Factory was very clean and busy. I had seen the ele bike utube review of the Outlaw SS and it seemed the reviewer was afraid of the bike and it was not right for many road conditions. So I tried one out at the factory and was so impressed that I bought one.
Now I have had this bike in many conditions, beach, hills, off road and heavy traffic. It has performed perfectly and saved my tired body to bring me home many times on battery. I'm 70 years old and being from San Francisco I have ridden bikes my share. I think this one is a real winner and no down sides, unless your not an adventurer.
No hand or thumb problems, its exactly like operating the throttle on any quad atv if you have ever driven one?
Great bike. I was riding Friday into a wind on a lone causeway over the ocean. The island was a wealthy one that I was coming from and as I went onto the first bridge and very seasoned pro type rider passed me going fast. Well I cruised up behind him and drafted for awhile and he kept looking back wondering how this old guy on a mountain bike could possibly keep up with him. Well after a few miles I went up along side to pass and I just looked at him and said electric!! He laughed and was very surprised.
Also I mainly use no power and ride very well, its well balanced and has some unreal bearings cause it glides extremely well and peddles like a normal bike. Great exercise to get out there, then when I'm too tired I use its power.