Problem with my battery charger solved


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I was having problems with the battery charger for my new Ui5. But, I think I figured out what was happening with the charger. If I don't unplug the charger from the wall outlet after a battery is fully charged, the light on the charger will stay green the next time I plug in a depleted battery. It is supposed to turn red when charging. The charger seems to work fine as long as it is completely unplugged between uses.

Is this typical? Does anyone else find that they have to completely unplug their battery charger from the wall after every use?
On my charger, yes, I do have to unplug and plug in to the wall without the battery attached, in order to get proper charging and the light to show what it's supposed to (red to show charging is occurring then green when fully charged). This seems to be an issue with different chargers. I haven't found the pattern to this but different brands have their quirks.
What kind of a charger do you have Nirmala?

There's a pretty simple workaround that I think will work... Get an inexpensive wall timer and just use it to turn off the power automatically.

Set the timer to turn off in 4 hours say, then plug in the charger, plug in the batter and roll the switch to ON on the wall timer.

After the timer shuts off it will kill the power to the charger.. You shouldn't eve have to unplug the charger... Next timer just adjust the timer to shut off in 4 hours and roll the switch on again.
A timer is a good idea. What was happening is I thought my charger was defective because it would not turn red. But now that I know what it takes to "reset" the charger so it will work the next time (unplugging it from the wall), I will probably just make it a habit to unplug both the battery and the wall outlet whenever I am taking the battery off the charger.

I actually had Magnum ship me a new charger for my recently purchased Ui5, because I thought the one they sent me was defective. But now I realize I just did not know how to use it properly.