"Priority Eight" for Bafang conversion?

Looks fantastic, I would prefer a carbon fork, but for $799 it is an excellent setup...

Looks like they adjust tension with horizontal dropouts, which avoids the potential problems for conversion of eccentric bottom brackets.

Post pictures if you end up doing a conversion on this platform!
Check out the new Fezzari Line "Simbi" Bikes.

Super cheap, would need a few upgrades to be a stellar conversion candidate. $399 for belt drive 3 speed
I'd like to buy an ebike or to fit a 750W Bafang to a bike, probably by June or July. My ideal spec on the bike side is to have a belt drive, an internal gear hub or NuVinci, and hydraulic disc break. I hope the bike to look modest and minimalistic. And, of course, it should not be too expansive! I have a bike with a belt drive and Nuvinci, which is really great–clean, no maintenance, no grease!, and smooth–but has a unusual bottom bracket incompatible for Bafang.

"The Priority Eight" meets most of my needs. It's much cheaper than Spot Brand bikes. I remember Biktrix is working on a commuter bike (a prototype is here: <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=662382499223&set=gm.837038283031908&type=1&theater> @roshan may bring it at a very competitive price as he has done so far but it seems to get delayed. I hope to see more competitions on the market!
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