Priority Current Suspension Fork Upgrade


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I have a suspension stem, but my other bike (Priority 600x) with a wren fork is so much smoother over bumps. I want to try a suspension fork on my Current. Has any one done this and/or can recommend a fork?
$200 suntour fork. Feels great. It smooths out the ride dramatically better than my suspension stem did.


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Nice! I'm swapping to a new handlebar to make the ride more "upright". The fork looks like it'll be my next big upgrade :)
Be careful with the left side brake cable. You can only go a few inches higher on the handlebars before you run out of cable and will need to replace that too.
Thanks for the heads up - the guys at rivendell (they sold me the Bosco handlebars) also warned me that I would probably need to extend them so it'll be my chance to figure out hydraulic brakes :).

Which forks did you end up getting specifically? SO many options in their fork glossary :)
New handlebars - brake cables worked, but will still get the left side one extended a bit, as you suggested.

Next stop, front suspension:)