Price of CrossCurrent S2 battery? Any more economical replacements?


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The battery of the CrossCurrent S2 is rated at 52 volts and 15 ah. Is this the battery that costs $1,300? If not, does anyone know the cost? Also, are there any generic replacement batteries that can be used in this bike by just swapping out the connectors?
No the Juiced 52V 15Ah battery replaces their older 13Ah battery which Juiced sold for $799+Shipping. They have not yet listed what the 15Ah battery separately so we don't know yet what they will charge. It probably won't be more than $800, but $600 would be high although a more reasonable price.

Their high capacity 19.2Ah battery is the one that lists for $1299 + shipping, that's pretty clear on the website and forums.
Juiced batteries and virtually all Ebike batteries can be rebuilt and upgraded.

We will rebuild your Juiced battery better than new. All the old cells are removed and new cells welded in. We use factory fresh name brand cells from Samsung and LG Chem. 7-14 business day turnaround once your battery is received at our service center.

The Juiced 52v 13ah can be upgraded to 52v 19.2ah using our service.

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If you search: ´dorado e-bike battery´ online there is a large selection of 52/48v of varied price &
length preferably sam sung or pansonic cells, I´m sure what you need can be had more cheaply than
juiced. I still have a 1st run CCS 21ah still charges to 53.v after nearly 5 years, but it hasn´t seen
use in 2 yrs. as that bike is now a parts bike,(r.i.p.) It is too short for my current bike. I could
still use it with a 6¨ hose clamp to hold it in place, but my current bike gets better mileage(60+)
with 13ah than the CCS ever did with 21ah.