Potential Lectric Regret, Time to Start Over


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I have been dealing with Lectric customer service for nearly a month. First an extended battery that would not fully charge (came with the xp 3.0 step thru I received on Jan. 26). Received a second battery that does not match the controller plate pins, and finally the promise of a new controller plate to match the second battery (supposed to be sent out by today, but was not). I am nearly ready to move on to Plan B; return the Lectric bike and find an alternative.

I have two back fusions, two neck fusions and a couple new knees. A step thru bike is my best option. A 500 watt motor is large enough for my expected riding experience. An extended battery is still on my wish list. Disc brakes will also suffice. While price is a concern, I realize I may not find a bike for less than $1,400.00 if I want to stay away from the warehouse companies. The nearest bike shop is an hour away for me. Any bike suggestions based on your personal experience? I realize this is very subjective, but I would like some suggestions.
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Sorry to hear about your woes with your bike.
For suggestions on a new bike I would do as much research until your brain hurts. So many choices out there it is hard to pick just one. A big plus is shopping from a LBS and see what they offer and if they are supporting their customers. Problem with some mail order bikes is once you buy it your on your own. I had a couple of minor issues but the company offered to refund me any expenses I would incur. Good support is essential.
Good luck and happy trails.