possible solution for making car rack bike covers last


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when i bought my car rack worried about running into a rainstorm and the bikes getting wet

so bought a 2 bike cover off amazon

last week i had to use it, was pleased that the cover held up in a bad storm and had no tears
but doubted it would last very many storms, too much flapping

did some research on tough bike covers and most people said biggest thing was to have it bungeed down tight, if it doesnt flap any it is less likely to tear

rather than run 10 bungess everywhere thought i would buy one of those truck bed web bungee things and put that over the bikes/cover..

havent had to use it yet, but will get some pics when i do
seems like it may be a good solution
want to update this

it is monsoon season here and i have been travelling a lot with the bikes and the covers on

this set up is still working well and i have no holes in the cheap covers using the truck spider bungee to hold it all tight

would say i have 1000-1200 miles on the set up in some bad storms/winds, rains