Possible Emergency tire boot???


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Question for you,
If you have opened a new jug of coffee/nuts etc, you have pulled off a Mylar type plastic sealing lid.

I wonder if these types of sealing lids can be used for a temporary get me home or to the truck tire boot? after patching the tube.
We have a lot of shale sharp rocks and obsidian chips that like to slice side walls etc, even ATV/truck tire walls can and have been sliced open.

The ones I have are either 5" or 6" across, they are .004" thick, and are very tuff, I can't tear them by my hands, can't punch a hole thru them with a finger etc.
I got a couple of each size in the bike pack, to try out for the next time....

I know that a US dollar bill can be used as a temp patch to temp fix tire holes etc.