Please help choosing ebike for cold climate


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Dear friends, thank you for such a great forum!
My name is Anton and I am looking for the e-bike model that will suit the following requirements (apologies in advance for European measurement units):
1) I need to go every day 15 km to my work and 15 back in a city mode. Sometimes I prefer to go to the village for some off road but very seldom.
2) I am 192 cm and 112 kg weight (not a small guy) ;)
3) I live in a city with cold climate - in winter sometimes we may have lots of snow and temperature -10 / -20 degrees Celsius. In summer it can go up to +35 Celsius. Roads are good but in spring there is some dust and mud.
4) My budget is around 3k$ -4k$ and designwise I like Izip E3 models.
I would be very glad to receive your advice!
@Anton, welcome to EBR! I think there are a lot of the mid drive type ebikes that would suit you well. Court has reviews of Haibikes, BULLS ebikes and other mid drive ebikes that would work for both city riding with hills and a big rider or for bumpy streets or offroad riding at the price range you mention. You might even want to consider a different bike for winter riding; some of our folks here ride the Easy Motion Evo Snow with dual hub motors for better traction on icy or snowy roads.
Thank you very much for quick reply and informative answer!
I have reviewed some models, I am not any expert and probably missed something but I like 1) Bulls Six50 E2 2) IZIP E3 Peak 3) IZIP E3 Dash 4) BULLS SIX50 E FS 3 RSI
70-80% of time I plan to bike to my job - space for small bag or package is preferred.
20-30% of time other city biking and seldom off road in a village
Please kindly recommend me what to choose with my height and weight (192 cm and 112 kilos)
Don't think you'll get izip in Europe? Bulls is a solid choice with their larger batteries (not that your rides sound particularly long).
Indeed, I have watched the dealership network of both companies and Bulls is 100% winner for me. What would you say if two models from the list are compared or can you please suggest any alternative? Thanks in advance

Another bike that I found is Bulls cross lite E - this one seems to be really interesting but designed for females. =)
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It is perhaps an unusual suggestion, but for riding in snow and ice, a recumbent tricycle makes a lot of sense:

All of that slipping and sliding looks like fun when you have three wheels instead of two!