Ordered XM 700+, Ships 2nd Week of October

After spending a lot of time trying to call around to find a Class 3 Trek XM 700+ in stock which apparently is impossible, I decided to order one. Am advised that their July run is sold out in advance, they would strongly maybe get me one by August but for sure by October. The dealer is a Chattanooga Trek-only dealer about 100 miles from me.

The wait begins, satisfactorily riding my Raleigh Detour in the mean time.

UPDATE: Delivery 2nd week of August.
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I saw your message regarding the Thudbuster. I tried that, it was just a bit too bouncy and I took court's advice in this sites review of the XM 700+ and got the BodyFloat, and I am very satisfied on the Raleigh I have.

Downside it is $249 for aluminum as pictured, and even more,for carbon or close to $500 in titanium. I got aluminum.


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