One year and 4000 miles on a Haibike!

Ann M.

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This video is a little longer; however, it gives you more in depth perspective of Court's uncle who has been commuting on a Haibike every day for a year now. Check out the wildlife he gets to see on some of his trail rides!

This video is an interview between Court and Greg who has owned an electric bike for over one year and put over 4,000 miles on it by commuting and taking fun rides around Loveland Colorado.

Greg Rye, the owner and lead chiropractor at Rye Chiropractic in Loveland Colorado got his first electric bike in mid 2014. After one year and 4,000 miles (including daily commutes and trail riding) he shares his experiences about what it’s like to own and ebike. We talk about the maintenance required, the comfort of riding and everything in between. His bike is a Haibike FS 27.5” with a Bosch Centerdrive motor.

Upgrades to the stock Haibike FSRX include Ergon ergonomic grips with bar ends, Wellgo Magnesium pedals, Cygolite USB headlight and backlight, Topeak quick release rack and slide-on bag. Greg and I talk about what it's like to own the electric bike, what it's like to commute with an ebike and we do a Q&A about it together.
Thank you, Ann - great video! It was a treat heqaring from someone who had ridden one for so long so much. I wrote all his extras adn observations down, and between this video and MLB (and thanks to you as well, MLB), I'm rethinking which model Haibike I'll buy, but I'm convinced a Haibike with the Bosch mid-drive is the one.
This is one of Court's videos I learned the most from, since Greg ends up mentioning all the wear & tear he's experienced. Notice how many chains he went through in one year, even tho' it was over a 4,000 mile distance. I think of this when I read statements that a shift sensor really isn't necessary (as e.g. an electric review of the BBS02) Maybe not needed by some...but maybe by me.