Odyssey's electric recumbent trike - Kickstarter


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The site says "Five years in the making, the pair have arrived at what they are calling a proven and sufficiently-tested prototype for their electric trike: the Odyssey Mk. 5. Fitted with an 80-volt 1.6-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery, one charge will be good for a range of 50 miles (80 km) on power only, which if you are prepared to pedal, can be stretched out to 80 miles (129 km).

Herte puts the recharge time at approximately three hours with the charger using a standard 110-volt two prong plug, though he says it also features a switch that makes it compatible with a 220-volt source.


The 3-phase electric motor is computer controlled and, though the trike is shipped with a programmed power limit of less than one horsepower, the included cycle computer allows the user to modify this to anywhere between 80 and 4000 watts (0.1 hp to 5.3hp)."

More about the Odyyssey electric recumbent trike at Gizmag and Kickstarter.

Pretty cool! I love that this thing has options for lights and even a heated seat?! Electric trikes are fun, I was just posting about the Outrider 422 Alpha and their new Horizon recumbent adaptive design on kickstarter for people with handicaps.