Odometer is off

John Dombrowski

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so we tested my wife's turbo's odometer with a couple cycle apps and it is about a mile off about every 5 miles. Do these things need to be calibrated?
I checked mine and found it to be pretty accurate. I have anothe cycle computer that I calibrated using actual wheel/tire circumference in mm. The two are off by no more than .5 mile in 250.
I use cyclemeter and mapmyride and they are almost identical so i find it hard to believe that they are both off. I will wait to see what my Turbo S shows whenever I get that darn thing and go from there but for now I will go by my apps.
Could be that the setting for the wheel diameter is wrong; that would account for such a large error. You should be able to check that on the console, John D.
Specialized has each year model computer settings in pdf format, so here's a link to the 2014 Ant+ version; page 26 & 27 have all of the info for a Turbo console. If that's not the correct model or year then use their searchable manual list; just highlight the year, ebike, computer and language and the results pop up below the search list.