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Hi all
Im having problems with my nylon display I've fully charged it but when I'm out riding the display looses it's charge I thought it was the display so I bought a new 1 and the problem still exists I've done all the proper resets but no luck I've been over and over the bike but can't see nothing amiss
Plus I'm thinking of buying a cobi but will the problem transfer over I've got a fatsix haibike
Hope someone can help
When you say you fully charged the Nyon display, are you referring charging the Nyon itself through a USB wall charger, or do you mean you have fully charged the ebike battery?
I think there is a little rechargeable battery in the Nyon itself that could be the problem that it has lost its ability to hold a charge.
Also, have you checked the contacts on both the Nyon and the Intuvia mount?
The display should hold its charge according to Bosch because the lithium-ion battery is only for the time and date.ive been all over the bike and can't find nothing amiss the problem carried over into the intuvia the nylon and the intuvia are brand new
If I understand you correctly ...
1) You are starting out with a fully charged display.
2) The display loses charge and shuts off during your ride.
3) You have tried an Intuvia and two different Nyons. All exhibit the same problem.

If all the above is correct, it seems to me that your problem has to either be in the Intuvia/Nyon powered mount or somewhere in the wiring. I think it is unlikely that you have had 3 defective displays. Have you opened a service ticket with Haibike or with the local bike shop that you bought the bike from?
Thank you Alan DB
I've emailed Bosch but not helpful all there saying is to bring the bike in but that's impossible as there not close to me
And yes all the above is correct I've got a bike ffitter but he can't see me at the moment because of this virus so I'm just seeing if people had,had this problem and what they did to rectify it
Is your Haibike still under warranty? Whether it is or not, you might try contacting them. I have heard that Bosch is not particularly helpful with support for end users. Technically, Haibike is the Bosch customer
No the warranty has ran out and your right there not very helpful
And any fault codes that pop up on the nylon display I've looked on line and it says get in contact with Bosch they hold all the cards you can't really falt find yourself
If both displays have the same problem then this issue is upstream...first suspect is the contacts between the display and its mount are dirty, or losing continuity for some reason. The solution for this is to remove the display and take a pencil eraser to the contacts on the mount and on the back of the display, dust off with a clean dry cloth and put a touch of dielectric grease on each one and make sure the display is snapped fully back into place.

If that does not work it is going to take a deeper dive to the connection between the display mount and the motor which requires opening the motor case, something that will void your warranty. You will have to take the bike in to an certified Bosch mechanic. Most Trek shops have someone trained up on Bosch as their bikes use Bosch electricals. Also the corporate owned Trek stores have a policy of servicing any bike that is brought in whether it was purchased there or not.
Oh and when you go in to the shop put the intuvia back on as that is the display that is supported in North America. If it is fixed for the Intuvia it should be fixed for the Nyon as they both have the same issue now.