numbness in left hand

John Dombrowski

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My wife has been complaining about her left hand going numb during her rides on her Turbo. I swapped out her grips with some good ones but she is still experiencing this. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to fix the problem. I am thinking maybe to try some new handlebars that are a little higher and pulled in some so she sits more upright. Does this sound like it might work?

Definitely, a more upright position will help. Also try some not too tight cycling gloves to pad the palms of the hands where a lot of the shock goes. Take a look at the position of the seat and see if she's stretched out too far forward. Shifting the saddle a bit forward might help as long as you're not putting excess stress on the knees. Another bike sizing factor often overlooked on limited size options for ebikes is the width of the handlebars. If she's not so tall with more narrow shoulder width, then handlebars that are too wide could add to the hand stress. And yes, avoid the 'Death Grip' syndrome on the grips! ;)
I experienced this as soon as the first mountain bikes came out. For me anyway it is the straight bar, and resulting hand position / angle that caused my hands to go numb.
That's the kind of bar shown in your avitar ?

I think a handle bar that has some curve, more like bikes of old will help more than any other thing, all she has to do is try any bike with a different shaped bar to see if it helps.

Again that was the cause on my hand numbness.
Jones loop h-bars seem to be well recommended for a sweeping bar. A little on the spendy side, but they give a solid amount of hand positions and also extra bar space for gadgets.
Gloves won't help if you have good Ergon grips.

What I did was reverse the grips left to right and instead of convex support on the top I had concave support on top. Made all the difference

If you don't have Ergon grips you should try them