(non-standard) Maintenance tools for the Dash


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OK...I'm looking at this gem due to a product bulletin requiring its use and supposedly need a 'crank puller' as well. Are there any other Dash specific tools that require something other than what is found in my 26 tool 'Alien' multitool or more than likely in my garage?
(btw...I have no idea what a 'crank puller' is either...or if but one of the them fits every ebike ever made).
Here's the crank puller you need:
Also, you probably will need a regular 8mm allen wrench or a 8mm allen socket to remove the crank bolt. I don't know if you can get enough leverage with the Alien multitool 8mm allen.
Once you remove the crank bolt, you use the above linked crank puller to pull off the crank arm.

How it works is the crank puller outside is screwed into the threaded crank arm. Then when you turn the handle, inside shaft pushes against the square shaft of the bottom bracket and the crank arm is pulled off. When reassembling you should have a torque wrench that will do 350 in-lbs and an 8mm allen socket. It's important to torque the crank arms to the tapered bottom bracket shaft.
...ordered...thank you! (along with the description). I hope that others chime in if there are any additional tools needed.
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I was just reading through some of the other posts and someone posted this link about bike maintenance and tools. I didn't know about this before, but it looks fantastic! Just wanted to share it with you.

They even have recommended tool lists for various expertise levels.

Or check out the video for crank arm removal (bottom left corner video)
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Awesome tips @Charly Banana ... with the Dash becoming more popular it's nice to have some knowledge of different tools and things that you can do vs. taking it to a shop (which might also have limited knowledge of that specific bike vs. general maintenance). Good stuff :)