Noisy Brakes on 2022 Turbo Vado 4


United Kingdom
The brakes on my turbo Vado 4 are really noisy, never had this issue on my 2019 model.
They sound like they are worn or contaminated in some way, but they have not done many miles and don’t look worn.When you apply the brakes you get a real scuffing noise…and from the front you get an alarming ticking noise when brakes applied under pressure.
I’ve tried hosing them to clear any dust and that helps for a while but before long the noise is back.
The bike has not done many miles and the pads don’t look worn.
i‘m Wondering whether there are alternative pads available which might be better.
any ideas?
I've found that there's usually two types of brake noise-either a squealing sound or a click-click rubbing sound.
I'm going to guess the scuffing and ticking noise is the latter, rather than the former. If that's the case the rotors need to be re-centered in the calipers.