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Hello All,

I have a 2013 Neo Cross since about 1 month. I am really happy with it especially the torque it gives while climbing hills.
compared to my old cheap 200W chinese e-bike, I find it pretty noisy from 2 parts, 1- the motor, 2- the battery.
I tried to put some rubber between the battery and the frame. it helped a bit bit I still hear some vibration around there (maybe inside the computer part). does any of you have the same observation? any advice? same question for the motor? any way to reduce its noise?

another Noise that is annoying me a lot is that my rear spokes are cracking like hell!. they are complaining as soon as I put my 80Kg on the saddle. I tried putting some WD40 where they cross, and on both extremities. It reduced for 2 days and it tarted again. all the rear spokes has been changed (by the previous owner) by some thicker ones (seems that he was fat and broke some). any idea how to deal with this. I`ve been reading that they should be tightened but I am asking for experience here...

thanks a lot, this is a great forum.
@jerome, the spoke tension could be one issue and an important one. As a long time bike builder, unless you are very comfortable with a truing stand I would suggest that you have a local bike shop check out the build job and true the wheel to the proper tension. Spokes that are too tight or too loose can creak and you don't want to have them breaking during a ride. Unless you're riding with a lot of stuff on a rear rack, your weight is light enough to not be part of the noise issue.

As for the motor noise, unless something unusual is going on internally, the Neo Cross has a geared hub motor. Those types of motors generally produce better torque/climbing ability but the internal gears do make some noise. A direct drive/gearless hub motor would be nearly silent but would have a different power profile. Are all portions of the gasket that the battery slides past in good shape? Depending upon the amount of miles and bouncy roads, you may need to do just as you have and add some padding.

And welcome to our ebike family!
Hi Jerome,

The rattle you hear in the area of the battery is most likely the controller rattling in the frame. I have a 2015 and my controller is above the battery, your 2013 controller is below the battery in the frame cavity. I noticed a rattle whenever I rode on washboard trails or crossed railroad tracks and I was sure it was the battery. Then I did some bumpy riding on purpose and noticed the rattle was metal on metal, so it couldn't be the battery as the pack case is plastic.

So I removed the plastic cover (just a couple screws) on the frame above the battery compartment (yours would be below the battery compartment) and with the cover removed the controller dropped down. There aren't any mechanical fasteners holding the controller in place and no padding to prevent it from rattling. I applied some strips of adhesive backed dense foam weather strips to the four sides and problem solved.

I wouldn't completely cover the controller in foam as that could prevent any heat from escaping. Just a couple strips should do it. The internals of the controller are very well protected from weather and vibration, it's fully potted with RTV silicone.

I did the same as J.R. to my rattling 2015 Evo controller, but I cut thin strips from the felt side of a sticky back velcro tape. Made a ring around the controller near both ends, then added a chair leg floor protector sticker to the bottom facing the plastic cover.
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