No USB Port? (2021 model)


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On my 2020 X3 Pro, it had a USB port on a dongle as well as another port built into the phone holder

Can't remember how exactly it was wired in, but I'd use the port on the phone holder to charge up my phone or GoPro

On my new 2021 model, the phone holder is different and wasn't attached to the bike

I see a single USB dongle under the display, but no other wiring for a second USB port

My plan was to run a front/rear dash cam setup off of the USB, but the one on the dongle doesn't have enough power

When I looked up the manual, it's states to only use the USB port on the phone holder to power my device, not the one that's connected to the display

1) Where is the second USB port?

2) What is the purpose of the USB port connected to the display if you can't use it to power a device?