Newbie to ebike scene


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Hi all, I am new to the ebike scene from Germany and recently bought a Specialized Vado for me and Como for my girl friend. I will use the ebike to commute to work and for weekend tours in the near region.
I am a little bit annoyed that we didn't buy an ebike earlier. Since I have the ebike I didn't used my motorbike anymore ;)

Pleased to meet you and welcome to EBR! You might want to visit our Specialized Vado/Como User Club in the Specialized sub-forum! We've got @TS25 from Germany there. I am in Poland and own, among others, the S-Pedelec Vado.

P.S. I drive my car less and less...
Many thanks for the welcome.

I already started reading in the Spezi sub-forum and the Vado/Como User Club thread and found a lot of interesting and useful information I am looking for.