Newbie - bike rack advice (Thule or Kuat)?


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Hi all,
I just purchased my 1st two ebikes. One weighs 49 pounds with battery and the other 57. I want to put a 1.25" hitch on a Toyota Camry. I was thinking of purchasing either the Thule Easyfold or the Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack. Does anyone have any opinion on which is better? Will it be stable on a 1.25 hitch? Thanks in advance.
Thanks, Rincon. The bikes I bought do not have fenders.

One thing I just noticed (I think), is that the Thule seems to be adjustable to either a 1.25" or a 2" hitch where the Kuat looks like you need to specify upon purchase which size you want. Assuming that is true, since these racks cost > $600 I like the flexibility that if I purchased a larger vehicle with a 2" hitch in the future that I could reuse the same rack. Do you know if that is the case?

Are you putting yours on a 1.25 or 2"? If 1.25, is it stable?
I just purchased the Thule 9032 Easy Fold Bike Rack - my bike has fenders - Best price I could find was at of $ 595.96, shipped after you put in the discount code that pops up in a window on your computer.
Thanks for that tip! I was going to pay $699 at a local store. But online would save me $100.

I am surprised that your bikes were almost too long for the rack - 1st time I heard that. But at least you got it to work. Also surprised you could not clamp to the top tube but I just looked up the Stromer ST2 and it looks like you have an extra wide tube which houses the controls. So I could see why.

I guess the rack wobbling over bumps is normal and I assume all racks will do that.
I guess the rack wobbling over bumps is normal and I assume all racks will do that.
It comes dow to how well the rack 'shims' into the receiver tube. The Kuat uses a threaded rod through a cam which wedges the rack into the receiver. I lift and wiggle the rack to get all the slop out. You should look into how each rack tightens... The Kuat does not wobble much if the cam is tight.