New Update SUI FW


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(Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists)
Hey Marcel - do you happen to know if there is any way to force the update? I am on quite a bit older version for my ST2s and I've noticed that there are never any download arrows even when I have 5 bars reception. I am still on version I was going to call my bike shop as well later today.
Hi, you can't force the update by yourself, the dealer can do that. your right about the download arrows it's a bug... in the 3.0.2...the bug is gone.
the official version 3.0.1 is public and should be on your bike.
So is the 3.0.2 on your bike a beta that you just asked dealer or Stromer in San Diego to push your way? Marcel do you really notice a difference in ride quality... smoother like you posted?
Hi, first of all i'm living in the Netherlands EU and yes this update is much better, but also contains some minor bugs, which are little to solve in next version, so i think it's a beta.
i had a lot of problems in inconsistent driving . With my bikedealer and Stromer There is a task force to address this issue.
so this update will do 'good for now.
and i think they using me for testing
Hey Marcel... my dealer pushed it to me this afternoon. I got and eager to try it out on my way home from work. Thanks for letting everyone know here about the update.
Great!, but be aware of minor bugs. A factory reset is not a total reset the default display language is english after reset. in my case it stay on dutch.
but main thing seems to be okay and that is good!

have fun.