New RC3 and DS3 controller and display = fantastic!

Ken S

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I upgraded my 2 year old Ohm with D500 system with the new controller and display 2 weeks ago and wow what an improvement!

The new display is visually "stunning". You can set different default views from full technical details to basic or enhanced graphics, the colored LCD is so even the technical view with text is so crisp I can read it from more than 2 times the distance.
The new controller has tactile feedback on the buttons which is very nice with winter gloves on, love this. Separate light button which was a great improvement and it's own LED display so you can operate without the main display.

All in a real hit.
Ya I did note the lack of some of the settings which were available on the old one. I have to get my bike representative to hook up to the system and get Bionx to reset the regen braking back to where I had it. A bit of a pain but I can live with a "bit of pain" with the increase functionality and visibility.
I like surprises.

Indeed for anyone looking to upgrade their G2 console and throttle setup the new RC3 and DS3 units are a great upgrade. Indeed you need to have a dealer update the firmware for you to ensure proper operation. If you like accessories, we're pretty happy with the new light kit that BionX launched as well. In case you haven't seen it here is a link to what it looks like:

Have a great holiday season everyone,