New Puncture Proof X-Tubo Tube


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Tublito introduces their new puncture proof inner tube, with a one year replacement guarantee.

The video shows them testing with what looks like Schwalbe’s perfectly puncture proof Marathon Plus tires. Results: no punctures.
So does the success of the test reflect more about the Schwalbe tire or the Tubilito tube? Not great comments on Amazon re MTB application. Tubes splitting etc. 27 is $38 CDN. 🤔
it would cost so much to change over to these on my two bikes about 200.00 to buy two and have a spare. ir like a regular tube two spares on each bike would make it about 160.00
So does the success of the test reflect more about the Schwalbe tire or the Tubilito tube?
For the thumb tacks, it is most likely the Schwalbe tires. The nails though would have penetrated the tire, with the tube saving the day.

Tubolito did have a lot of commenters complaining about faulty valves when the original inner tubes were introduced. I have the originals as spares since they are so small and weigh very little. I run tubeless. I’ve never needed to use them. I found a goat head in my tire yesterday, removed it, and the sealant plugged the hole. I hope the valve holds if I ever need to use the Tubolito.
I've used Tubolitos for about a year and rather like them.

One thing that makes me nervous is that the valve stem lacks a retaining nut. The other thing that makes me nervous is that it can be shockingly easy to install one with a kink or twist in the tube, which can cause a leak and will always cause a weird unbalanced feel to the wheel. Yes, they are expensive, but the light weight and compactness makes them great as spare tubes and the press-on patches work fine under field conditions.

You also need to be careful packing them because it can be very easy to bend the valve, which will inevitably cause a leak.

I'm also pretty interested in their crazy expensive tubes with a built-in pressure sensor.