New Pace 350 and 500 models

We were looking at the 500 for my wife and had actually agreed to buy one when I saw this new model. Unfortunately our LBS, which I really like, can't get it without buying ten bikes, so I ordered it online and will pay him to assemble (even though I could do it, I want to keep his good will). He has sold all his Paces already so we're sure he will be able to sell the one we were looking at.
Looks sharp! I have the last model Aventon Pace 500 and with around 1200 miles on it so far absolutely love everything about it. Ill be curious if the integrated battery is easy to get off or not. My wife just got the Rad Mission and the battery is a pain to get off (not integrated, just sticks and then jumps out). I know it looks better being integrated but I have never once charged my battery on the bike whether at home or at the office. Overall I have been a big fan of the bike and as a taller rider at 6'2" the bike is a great fit and comfortable commuter bike! Getting anxious to ride it again as it's been about 3 weeks since its enroute from AZ to IL in a Uhaul shipping box. I love riding my wife's Rad Mission but the 500W motor is a bit less jump than the 750W motor on the Aventon Pace 500 I have. Cheers!
Great catch! Shocked to see the two bikes we own have the same motor because from riding them the Aventon Pace 500 definitely feels like it has much much more power than the Rad Mission even though the Rad is a lot more natural feeling ride. Based on this info, you will definitely not find me on a 750W motor because I already start to feel a bit unsafe at times on my Aventon Pace 500W motor. Hope you love the new bike as much as I've loved my Aventon Pace 500. Really nice bike with some fun power, the biggest thing I've told others who ride is you never care about wind anymore, was riding on the river the other night in Illinois with 30MPH headwind and didn't even phase me! Brings a lot more days of riding into play for sure.
My wife and I have the 1st gen Pace 500s, and we prefer those. We like having batteries we can easily remove and take inside during cold weather, etc. It also makes it easier to swap if we ever decide to pack an extra battery. Since it's a standard Reention Dorado 440L that a lot of bikes use, it in opens up some flexibility for upgrades. (Ajiju makes a 20ah Samsung pack that will fit.) I also prefer being able to choose my own headlight. By the way, the motor is 500w nominal, but it's 750 peak
Batteries in the new Pace look like they are easy to remove too (similar to my current eBike).

We have the Soltera, and that's removable but harder because it's undermount.,

I also use a separate headlight but it's nice to have the integrated ones just for bike visibility (not actually lighting up the road). And the rear lights brake activate which is nice.