New owner of a Nitro City 2015 Speed Pedelec demo bike in Stockholm, Sweden


Hej !

After doing a bit (aka A LOT :)) of research online in the past weeks, including watching all of Court's reviews and road-testing different brands available in Stockholm/Sweden (Batavus, Haibike, Nishiki, Scott, Skeppshult, Trek and BH/Easy Motion), I made the jump yesterday.
Just in time before the worst snow-storm since 1905 that brought chaos to the winter-hardened inner-city (40cm in a day!, schools closed, buses halted, major traffic jams, etc.).

I don't have decent pictures yet but here's what I took at the shop ( in Solna, super cool young owner Jonas L.).
Regular price here was 39,990 SEK (take a zero off for quick USD approx, all taxes inc.) and the store owner offered me a 23,500 SEK final (USD 2,350) with a bike-stand and a bleeding kit as I like to switch brakes to motorcycle setup (front on right handle).
The bike has 70kms/45mi mileage as it was a demo, comes with the regular BH 2-years warranty.

The insurance he recommends is from the same corporation KGK that also imports Benelli, Ninebot & Segway, Stromer and Suzuki MCs for Sweden so it's 1,500 SEK a year for mandatory-traffic and 3,000 SEK for premium (incl. theft, fire, vandalism etc.)
I took the traffic one as the bike will sleep in my flat and office mainly.

Next step: get the Schwalbe Marathon Winter in 42-622 and some carrier bags.

The bike looks beautiful and very stealthy, love that.

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Keep an eye on the battery, this seems to be at least a two years old model (like mine). Ask for a charge level test when in shop next time.
I just got the same exact same tyres on my winter/trekking bike that your bike currently has. Its a CST with puncture protection, would be curious if that was the factory tyre on that bike???

Anyways, enjoy!
Hej Strezi !

The tires are factory/OEM Schwalbe Marathon Greenguard 40-622 indeed, probably the best value for money you can get now in terms of rolling resistance (RR) and puncture resistance today.

Here's a detailled report on their RR in different sizes:

Regarding the battery, could you be more specific about the potential issue requiring a charge level test ?
The bike came with a full 2-years warranty but I can get an extension "+ 1 year inc. battery" for 150€/165$ and "+ 2 years" for 300€/330$ from BH site.

OK, I just picked up the tyres yesterday, and the color scheme looks exactly the same ;)

Regarding the batteries, I meant that they have spent some time potentially unused and hopefully charged at a good level. Still, better to be safe than sorry. Yes, your warranty should start with your day of purchase, but they may not be 100%. I got a printed battery report upon my first service which is a good baseline to see how-if your battery degrades over time. It was important to me, because I emptied and charged my battery almost daily in the first exciting weeks :D