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I live in Minnesota around the Saint Paul area and have been reading posts off online communities for a good number of months. I've been biking a good 30+ years now and have Been looking at e-bikes and kits since the early 2000's. My adult son finally got tired of me "just doing research" and bought me a Lectric 3.0 as a birthday gift. Anyway, hopefully I can learn and contribute in equal amounts here.
@Talzoid, Welcome to EBR! It would be nice if you post a photo sometime of your bike in its habitat.
I was planning on posting up a picture of my bike today actually but while I was out running errands got a flat


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I was gunna suggest loading up the tires with Slime!!
The tires already came with slime in them as a result of this it ended up everywhere but inside the tire with how big the hole was there's just no saving the inner tube especially considering when it initially happened I thought it was just a small piece of glass because it had shoved into the tire immediately so the long mile walk home ended up tearing the tube to pieces I think I counted a total of 18 holes