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Picked up my first E-bike from a local Dude that reviews them here. He's on You tube under Manshed, "Hovsco HovAlpha Torque Sensor E-bike Review."
If anyone is interested. Bought a Hovsco Alpha from him with 6 miles on it for less than 1K April 7th. WOW. Stage 3 26" Fat tire hub drive. This thing moves! GF pestered me saying she wants to ride too. So I found a Lectric XPremium White E-bike near me for sale. Got the lady to come down on her price and walked out with a 2 week old Fat tire XPremium Extended range duel battery Mid drive White E-bike with 20 miles on it for 700 bucks! Took the XPremium out the other day for it's first ride and did 42 miles on it with 47% battery left. Just got back from riding the Alpha for 50+ miles today and I have 3 bars left. Nice bikes! The GF is scared of the XPremium. She fell over on it in the drive on pedal power only. Now I have two bikes!


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I think that the pricing will be competitive because there are more SUVs out there in the Indian car market like the VW Tiguan, Škoda Kodiaq and the Citroen C5 Aircross. The pricing should be around 28-30 lakhs but there's no problem at all if it even reaches 35 lakhs because the other competitors don't have these many features. It also has the reliability of Hyundai. I think this is gonna perform better than the previous gen model.
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