New E3 Dash


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Hi everyone,
I just purchased my E3 Dash from American Cycle and Fitness in Pontiac MI. I love the bike, have about 80 miles on it so far. My plan is to use it as a commuter. I have a 20 mile round trip 9-5/5 day per week commute from Rochester Hills to Pontiac 80% of the ride is on a dedicated bike trail (clinton river trail) however the last section near Pontiac is paved but very rough so I have been experimenting with driving on the side of the road but don't like how close some cars get to me.

I love the EBR web site and videos, Hats off to the site administrator - awsome job on the reviews and entire site. It really helped me make the transition. I had been doing the commute on my Trek 7.2 FX however I found I could only do It 3x/wk tops and was very fatigued on the week end.

I'm now in the process of accessorizing the bike but want to take my time to get the right stuff, it's looking like more of a taks than had planned. Any input on fenders, ergo grips, rear view mirrors, racks, bags, lights etc. . . would be helpful.

Thanks, Dan.
Have fun Dan! That's pretty ambitious; i hope you can see your way thru thanksgiving.. I will say you need to minimize rough payment.. You will pay for it in loosened connection and motor magnet issues.
I'm not exactly sure how it happened...yet I expect that my Dash developed a serious rear wheel wobble after allowing someone to take it for a very short trip across a lawn (or glorified/weekly mowed field/front yard) which probably was a no-no. I took the advice here to get the spokes Loctited and try hard (now) not to beat it up too much.
So far so good.
I think that you're going to have to start here and read through the IZIP threads to get the most out of your latter question (there is great advice where you might least think to look):
Let me guess (in regards to your pic)...Sleeping Bear Dunes?