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Hello from Regina. Bought a used Townie 8i in mid July, my 1st ever E-bike and love it! I'm 64 and my previous rider was a 40 year old Supercycle mountain bike. This is such an upgrade in so many ways. My rides are between 15 - 45Kms most every day since I got it. I used to avoid riding on windy days, but not any more! I ride more often, further, and don't care about wind. I do need to respect the heat though. This week we had 34C and I rode 45Kms in it and decided after that isn't too smart so will do less distance on those hot days. The bike is an Electra Townie 8i, bought used with 60Kms on it so it's like new really and less than half the price of a new one. I consider it an excellent buy. I've put 500Kms on it in 3 weeks riding the bike paths in my city of which are fantastic. I love this bike for it's comfort, it's power, it's looks. I've added some storage in the front and back and new locks. Now that is a whole other subject! I can't bring myself to leave it anywhere in public with any lock and bought a OKG 12mm chain lock to lock it up in my garage. Along with that I use the Abus ring lock it came with and a cable lock on the front wheel. And an alarm I bought on Amazon for $23 which I really like. I'd love to hear from other Townie owners and security measures E-bike owners take. I will be out there enjoying this summer like never before and am now a huge E-bike fan!


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Welcome to the forums from a fellow flatlander. Nice lookin’ Townie and what a great score. 👍 Here’s hoping that you get plenty of more miles out it.
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Welcome to the forums from another prairie person (although perhaps more a foothills person).

A BionX e-bike kitted Townie was my first foray into e-bikes and it was a revelation. Great bikes for tootling about.
Now, two more e-bikes later, both MTB, I love them more than ever.
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Congratulations on your Townie! I bought a Townie Go 10d at the end of March & I have put over 1200 km on it.
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