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I would like to start biking to school and back, but I know that my commute back will be 4.5 miles uphill, late at night, and 3 days out of the week, after a 2.5 hour workout. Because of this, I think an ebike would be good for me. I am lightweight and of average height, which expands my options. I would like some suggestions in the $2500 or under range so that I have some ideas on my mind when I go bike shopping around town.

I want to get a bike from a store/get a bike that can be serviced by stores, as I am a beginner. I live near Berkeley, CA, and some of the stores around me include Mike's Bikes, Blue Heron, Berkeley Cycle Works, some bigger stores such as REI and Sports Basement, a Rad Service Center, a trek store, and a bunch of local repair shops.

Some features I am looking for are:
Repairability by local shops
Built in safety
Reasonably powerful motor, mainly to decrease effort needed to make the trip
Enough range to get there and back and to go around town
Upright position and other comfort features
Lights and visibility to drivers
Good brakes

I don't care about hybrid/mountain bike capability, I plan to stick to roads.

I am currently eyeing the RadCity 5 Plus and Gazelle T9 City, both of which are sold and (I assume) can be serviced by local shops.

If anyone has any other suggestions in the sub-2500 range, I would love to hear them! Alternatively, If you believe that in my position, a normal bike would be more fitting, please say so!

REI Co-op CTY e2.2 has a reasonably powerful shimano steps e6100 motor (60nm), suspension, rack, and weighs 52lb compared with a RadCity 5 at 65lb. Priced over your budget but if you join REI as a Co-op member you get 10% back as REI store credit, if you take out the REI store credit card you get 5% off the price

For the Gazelle Medeo avoid the T9 City model that has a weaker Bosch active line (40nm), and get the T9 model with Bosch active line plus motor (50nm)

Both those bikes are Class 1, if you want a throttle the RadCity 5 is Class 2
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Your budget really constrains your choices but there are a few choices that might serve you adequately. A bike that will be used as a commuter needs to be very reliable and well built. Getting a bargain bike is ill advised as you are depending on the bike to get to work on time and function as primary transportation.

I would urge you to test ride each bike and visit each bike shop. You want to assess who has the most enthusiasm for ebikes, who seems to care about helping you make the best choice and who has the most service techs in the shop when you are visiting.

It sounds like either you are not a mechanic or don't have the time, inclination or tools to become one. Given your stated parameters, don't pay heed to anyone who advises a do-it-yourself add on kit to an old bike or buy from a Direct to Consumer source with no local presence, service or parts.

Do some research about the shops, read google reviews and figure out who has earned the best reputation for after the sale service.
Bikes by Trek, Specialized, Giant, Cannondale seem to be among the most reliable, have better parts availability and sell through shops that commonly offer better service.

The Trek Verve series are close to your budget and are good bikes with quality components.

Again visit each shop, test ride their best suggestions that come closest to meeting your needs and budget. Size up which team seems most likely to care about keeping you happy and on the road.

If you consider all the money you will be saving on gas, perhaps a better bike would be affordable. Only you know your finances.
I do know that a few more dollars spend on a bike that will be ridden every day are quickly forgotten while the pleasure and reliability of a better bike are something that provide daily benefit and riding enjoyment.

Have a nice day and all the best.
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Your post is totally inappropriate. There is a classified forum where this belong. You should not be hocking your junky ebikes directly to our members like this. Your posting here is most unwelcome.
You slander others because of a conflict of interest with you. You haven't bought my electric bike, how do you know that mine is a rubbish product, and I still think yours is a rubbish electric bike. Don't slander your peers without evidence because of your interests. Your behavior as a villain will only make people look down on it.
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I'm not going to say junk bikes, but clearly @FINIDI thinks posting that same BS all over the place is furthering his cause, when in fact it's acting exactly the opposite!
Thanks for the suggestions @Alaskan! Also, what do people think about the priority current? With the Costco discount it's about at my price range so I'm wondering if it can be repaired by LBS' and if it's a good bike in general.
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That isn’t very far, range shouldn’t be an issue. The Priority Current has some impressive specs. For example my Trek has a 50 nm mid drive, the Current has 140 nm mid drive. Even on steep hills mine gives me enough boost, the Current would make hills pretty effortless. That will obviously chew up the battery in a hurry but your commute isn’t that long. I personally just don’t know much about them, hopefully someone will chime in with first hand knowledge.