New bike - Turris, a semi off-road touring aka trekking bike - replacement for 500 series?


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Aside from trail friendly tires, this just seems like a bike similar to the Level and Core to hit a price point in between.

Wish they'd just sell a hub drive version of the Prodigy for $500+ less. I like the overall design but $1000 more for a weaker motor that's far costlier to replace is just not worth it to me compared to a 52V Juiced CCS2 at $1200 in recent sales. The Prodigy gets everything right more or less on the non electric side of things, but those are the parts you can't replace.
IMO this is for sure a replacement for the 500 series...Below are some of the difference I see which a quick view of the specs on the ride1up page...some better and some are downgrades but having hydraulic brakes to me make this a better ebike.

Similarities: 750w motor (60 nm torque), front suspension, 100mm front suspension

Changes on Turris: Hydraulic brakes, adjustable stem, wider tires (2.4" vs 2.2" on 500), Altus derailleur (Acera on 500 series)
This might be my Espin Sport replacement.

Sort of giving up on the light bike because not many out there with multi-gears.

Nothing wrong with my Sport... but it's been a few years and I want to ride something new.
The 500 had a somewhat dated generic look compared to the other frames Ride uses, and they are consolidating their frames in source and styling.

I imagine they'll update the 700 within a year or two to the thinner top tube style as well. Looks a lot better.
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This bike looks to have the same motor as my 700 series. I bought it before the 700 series went to a Bafang motor. 1000w motor.

Nice bike. I like the green color.

Also, the 500 series isn’t listed anymore.
One bad sign - the Turris isn't a 52V model. The new scrambler type bike is, but they're evidently not rolling it out for other new models, not yet anyway.