New Article on the Wash. Post that mentions Court and EBR

Thanks, Nirmala! As a 14 year ebike dealer and ebike commuter, I sure don't see this as 'cheating' but a wonderful alternative commuting vehicle. Unfortunately, the concept of pedal assist got glossed over so the article only presented half the picture. Keep jammin' on your Magnum (and yes, include pics of the beautiful places you ride :))
Lots of ignorance in the comments section as usual.

I really wish these types of article would include more facts to educate people - like the fact that most e-bikes are peddle assisted bikes not throttle bikes, that people generally will get fitter rather than fatter using them particularly if they are exchanging other motorized transport in their commute, that getting people out of cars and onto ebikes is better in so many ways for everyone, that there are restrictions on speeds for them to be classified as bicycles and that an ordinary, non-motorized bicycle, can go 50kph if you just point it down a hill and sit there, not to mention that some fit Lycra dudes on normal race bikes can go over that on the flat.

Many (most) people look at them as some kind of "cheat" but the focus of these kind of articles should be what they do so well - get people off their butts and exercising, reduce traffic on our crowded roads and reduce pollution in the process. Unfortunately, most people see it as an ebike vs bicycle thing and they contrast and compare them, hence the cheating/fatter/keep off the bike lane refrain you see time and again in the comment sections of articles.
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I found the article encouraging reading...altho' yes, it was more 'journalism by google' than written by an ebike-savvy author. But the author did know enough to cite EBR and mention our 'leader of the cats', Court. And if you'd like to learn more about the Riide bike model, Court reviewed a prototype and there are limited tech specs on the Riide ebike here.

"Unfortunately, most people see it as an ebike vs bicycle thing and they contrast and compare them..."
An insightful observation, Adrian. I'm new to ebikes and climbing the learning curve...and yes, I've noticed that outside of specialty websites like this one, there does seem to be a bias towards 'one vs. the other' much more than positioning bike & ebike use as two halves of a whole. And another trend I've noticed is providing dated information as tho' it's representative. Examples in this article include 'ebikes weigh 70#' and offering a Raleigh Sprite as representative of ebikes.

BUT...all that being said, I was encouraged to read about Riide, given what it's like to drive around downtown DC. And the author was right about London, the basic city center layout having been shaped by cart & walking paths 6+ centuries ago. When I lived two blocks from the Tower Bridge, my little folding bike was a source of great freedom and utility.

Thanks for sharing this! I spoke with them a while back... easy to lose track of all the stuff going on and miss out, I really appreciate the opportunity to see the finished product. The new site design is finally online but most of the tools are still paused, I'll be heading to LA in Q1 to check out new 2016 bikes and continuing my travels and reviews with some eventual forum updates as well! Thanks for your support :)