Neo Cross 2012 battery service needed

Matti T. Lehto

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Any help would be appreciated - some cells from my battery has died. Power collapses totally although there is still two bars left. There are more or less 6 screws in the batt - I removed them, but I couldn't get batt's cover off. Is there some claws which need to be twist out?
Battery is charged only 85 times & cycled only 2297 km.

I have had multiple problems with it's spokes which led into motor cable damage. Ctrl is also faulty due its always on BOOST mode whatever is read at display. At the end my bike dealer went down 2 weeks after purchase 09.2012.
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Situation now 12.06.2016: motor connectors solderings inside of plastic case broke down due multiple removes during spoke problems. Now I'm waiting new local shop to answer my emails to order spares .... had very bad instinct about them! :(
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@Matti T. Lehto , sorry you've had a difficult time with your Easy Motion bike, a lot of members here are real fans of the brand. Having someone local take a look at your bike or making the drive to a nearby city to another dealer that's experienced might be better options than tearing into that battery. Do you have experience working on lithium batteries? They aren't plug and play!

If your wiring harness to the motor is repaired or replaced that may solve the BOOST issue. Also sounds like spokes loosened over time or broke. Hub motors do put more stress on the wheel, so having someone professionally true and repair the wheel will help prevent other issues.

I did find a European website for BH Easy Motion with a contact phone # +34 945 13 52 02 and a technical support link that will help you reach Easy Motion directly for help.
I have worked with many type of batteries at work.

I got new 2015 EVO Cross straight from BH spanish HQ as warranty cheaper than half the price due they didn't want to touch the problem bike any more. BH didn't answer to my nor bike shops emails. After using help from European Consumer Centre - Finland/Spain BH answer within a week.

With my new Evo Cross I also have problems with rear spokes and my local dealer don't want to do any job for my bike cause they didn't get any slice from it due it came directly to my address. BH send me 40 spokes thru dealer but after 7 weeks I didn't get them although spokes were in dealers hands. BH send next new packet to my address and I had them in 4 days via courier for my door step. :) I have had to learn and get proper Park tools for "re-spoking".
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