Need size info for Motobecane HAL eBoost 27+ Elite eMTB 38cm or 42cm


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I'm considering the Motobecane HAL eBoost 27+ Elite FS eMTB and determining the correct size is somewhat challenging. I am unsure if size 38cm or size 42cm would work best, and because of the suspension obstructions within the seat tube, the seating height range becomes somewhat limited using the 100mm dropper. If there is anyone that owns one can post the dimensions and note if they are from a 38cm or 42cm (The other sizes won't fit, so no need there. Really, item 1 is the most important).
  1. Seat Height (min and max with 100mm dropper fully extended)
  2. Reach
  3. Stand-over at 12" forward of seat tube
  4. Head tube heights
  5. Weight
Thank you.
hal-eboost-elite-bk-e27+ DIMENSIONS.jpg
Thank you, however their own specs omits most important info, plus numerous incorrect information, typical of all Motobecane bikes. Good bikes, poor data. That is why I was looking towards actual owners. I did, however scale the 38 and 42 sizes from forum photos and found out my answers. Because the suspension interferes with the seat tube depth, the seat height with a dropper is extremely limited.

Were you happy with your ownership of the bike? Why did you get rid of it? Problems? I hear that the Shimano Steps motor is prone to a plastic internal gear failure and repair parts do not exist.
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