need new head unit/controller - M800 motor -Motobecane e-mulekick pro


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I have a new Motobecane e-mulekick pro and with the M800 mid drive motor. I raised the handlebars to a higher height and inadvertently yanked and stripped the plug in wires from the controller buttons that went into the head unit and snapped off the connector pins so both the controllers and head unit need to be replaced. There is an older dp c240 head unit/controller that I could buy and another forum user did that as well. said it had no stock of head units/controllers but had the original equipment ones on order. I don't really want them because it is a very poor design - plug in connectors are very tiny and wires are also very small and very fragile. Any suggestions for me? Also, just fyi, I had problems charging and got some good advice from to hit the charger with my palm a few times and that seemed to reset it and now it charges no problem. The price for this bike compared to regular store retail is fantastic but it is too bad that customer services is not so good and they put the very poor design head unit/controller on that bike. Kind of poor decision to sell a very nice bike with an awful head unit/controllers.