Need help with recommendation cargo e-bike for hills.


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I'm a mom with a 45lb kid living in San Francisco. I know how to ride a bike (not that good with changing gears) but I don't really know the terminologies of the different bike parts and what they do, etc. A lot of forums on here are too technical for me and I can't seem to find relevant past conversations...
First of all, I'm torn between Cargo ebike vs. regular because I know the heavier and longer the bike the harder to ride, park, store, etc in the city. It's also harder to go uphill.
And since I live in San Francisco, I need to be as light as I can be the go up and down those crazy hills...
With that said, I need to carry baby and my hope is to shop for groceries on the bike. Maybe I can use a regular eBike but everyone tells me I should get a cargo ebike...
So... I am turning toward this group here for advice...
1. Cargo bike or regular bike that is cargo like???
2. What brand/model should I get based on my needs?
3. Is it safe to buy second-handed ebikes? I suppose that really depends on which one... but any thoughts on that would be great.
My budget is around $3000... I hope that's enough to get a really good one that will last... Thanks for your help!
Yuba makes fantastic cargo bikes, with super supports for kiddie seats, grocery bags and safe foot rest area as the munchkins get bigger. They're a little smaller than a tandem and a little bigger than a regular ebike, but built tough. There's several options reviewed on EBR besides the El Mundo. My repair customer put a BionX system on it and I think Currie Tech is working with Yuba for a version they call the 'Spicy Yuba'

This is a very well thought out cargo-bike/system.
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Ted, the Spicy Curry is another great addition to the growing family of stretch cargo bikes; a little shorter than a tandem (not much, though!) with a nice weight balance. The mid drive motor which will have more torque than a typical hub motor and centered mount battery are going to help a lot with balance issues that are normal with such a big bike. What's really different with this ebike is the smaller, 20" rear wheel which will bring your cargo (or kiddies) down lower and reduce the top heavy wobble feel.
I agree with Ravi's recommendation of The New Wheel Bike Shop in SF. Karen and Brett have a great shop and are good folks who really know ebikes. Their selection of bikes and accessories is impressive and their store is nicely done.
There was a recent discussion about Juiced Riders and their cargo bike. There is also an e cargo bike that is part of the San Francisco bike share program (help me with the name). Both are within your budget.

Absolutely love New Wheel, but concerned their cargo bike is not within your budget by a lot.
Also, Yuba has the Boda Boda and Mundo in ebike versions. The Boda in below your price mark and the Mundo is a little higher.