myStromer AG: CEO will leave


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Peter Althaus, CEO of Stromer, will leave the company by end of year.

A short history of the past years CEOs (only in german, but you will understand ;-)

  • Der CEO der myStromer AG, Peter Althaus wird die Firma auf Ende Jahr verlassen um sich in Deutschland an einer KMU einer anderen Branche zu Beteiligen.
  • Peter Althaus kam am 1. April 2016 zu Stromer und war zuvor CEO und VR der Schaerer AG (prof. Cafémaschinen), einer Tochter der WMF (Deutschland).
  • Davor wurde das Unternhemen von Erwin Steinmann geführt, der bei BMC tätig war. Sein Vorgänger war Christian Müller, den es zu Flyer gezogen hat.
  • Der wiederum kam 2012 von DT Swiss zu Stromer. Und davor war Thömu persönlich der Chef. Nun hat er diese Funktion wieder bei Thömus.

    As of 1 January 2018, Jakob Luksch will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer. Jakob Luksch is currently working for BMW / Mini. He is responsible for the complete seating device. In this function, he is familiar with absolute cost awareness. He takes over a company that offers a cleared product range for 2018 (in europe). The end of the ST1 (in europe) closes a chapter, which knows not only joyful sections. However, the beginner model is also gone. This loss of turnover is to be compensated - and even more.

    Stefan Schwab, Chairman of the board, assumes, Stromer will take profit from Peter Luksch' experience. The automotive industry is highly competitive, very cost sensitive - but also very close to the customer. This could be seen as a step forward in direction of a larger accessories-list.

    Some figures from Stromer:
  • Turnover: about 40 million Swiss Francs
  • More than 12'000 bikes sold
  • 72 employees
  • Share capital: 2'300'100 Swiss franks
  • Major shareholders: Andy Rihs, Ernst Thomke, Thomas Binggeli, the Noser Group from Ruedi Noser, Stefan Schwab and other players from the financial sector.

    As an easter egg, you can see the front of Thömu's Tesla on the satellite view...
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The CEO will leave soon, but there is some legacy: The ST2 LTD. Only 555 pieces of this limited edition will be made. The very special look with the brush-finish aluminium demands a rigid aluminium fork. Two badges, the brand name and the number of its production, were added. Side bags and a Brooks Cambium C17 are included. Furthermore, a original sigg bottle comes with.



Finally, what audience does the company see for their extraordinary product?

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

OK, ok, I'm just kidding. Of course, everybody is welcome as a customer :)
All are welcome, but post-modern hipster guys (skinny jeans required!) with great hair are ideal... :)
Wonder if they are hiring?
I would bring back the ST1 comfort frame with new(st5)drive motor, electric shift 11 speed, 34mm,100mm top shelf fox forks..........
Name it ST3 for 2019 and 2020, then ST4 for a couple more years.......
like Harley did in 99 and 2000 with the out of production FXR. Conveniently named FXR3 in 99, and FXR4 in 2000. Dealers were selling them above msrp like hotcakes!
I'll even work free, like TRUMP!

The Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Thomas Binggeli, has visited the World Economic Forum at Davos / Switzerland. Everybody knows, the WEF in Davos is the most important Non-Governmental meeting for the most top leaders in politic and economics. To see Thömu at the WEF is not that much surprising - earlier, he was already awarded as Swiss Young Entrepreneur of the Year - and now, he's established.

The most surprising thing is to see him in a business suit with tie...