my new 2016 street


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my new bike just got here a couple of days ago, been crazy busy with work so havent had a lot of time to ride, etc but wanted to offer a few observations, will update this more as i get more riding time etc

think this bike is going to be a blast for me to ride and will be great for friends to ride with me, a good all around bike

this is the 2016 street and it is a MUCH better looking bike in person than on the website pages
because the bottom of the bike is white, when it is on a white background it blends in and the bike does not "pop" visually like it does in person
it is a beautiful bike

an interesting thing, this bike is heavier than my cemoto but doesnt feel like it when i have to lift it for the truck rack, think this is because the weight is more balanced and lower

the 500w motor has plenty of power, level 3 and 4 pas are useless for me, just way too fast
maybe if i was climbing some big hills...
even in eco or the lowest one it climbed up some small hills with zero trouble

i have a lot to learn on using so many gears front and rear, used mostly middle front and 7-8 on the rear the other nite, it is ok but still feel a good bit of surging
hoping i will be able to mitigate that some as i learn the gear stuff better

love that throttle, still think it is great to have
wish it was override but i can live with it

did at least 12 miles the first nite and the battery went from 97% to 74%, this is in mostly flat terrain, mostly paved

added the bodyfloat and my short 12 mile ride the other nite it seems just as comfortable at the full suspension cemoto, still working on seat position etc

it HATES sand, any sand at all lol
the cemoto has much wider tires and has never bogged down on me unless it is really deep stuff
but this one immediately bogs down in 2 inches of sand, was not expecting that and it scared me the first couple of times, think i need to ride faster through it instead of slowing down

guessing the 2016 kickstand is better than 2015, saw some comments on that and mine is adjustable and the bike is sturdy

it does have some rattles, my prodeco mariner does also, guess all the rear rack stuff tends to do that, the cemoto has no rack and doesnt
i may work on trying to figure out where they are coming from and work on that when i have time

i have a 1up rack and cracked the rear fender even with the cushion they sell for fenders, was considering trying to find a heavy duty metal rack even though not wanting to add more weight
but am thinking on some other solutions, hopefully next week i will have more time to do things with it like work on that
power me i would like to know how you are dealing with the rear fender issue with your rack

bought a nice banjo brothers rear rack bag for it and got it in red for visibility, but got that before the bike was here and now realize the bike would be much prettier with the black one....
but that wont help with visibility, so will have to decide on the trade off

got the shimano saint pedals per ravi recommenedation, nice pedals and pretty but BIG, with the bike on the rack pedals are closer to my car bumper than i would like, will work on finding a cover for those or doing some adjustments with the rack etc
since this bike is the heaviest it is supposed to be loaded closest to the car..

will write more when i have time, but overall LOVE the bike