My first ebike . . .

Hello Folks.
Maybe this will help somebody new to the ebike search..
If it does not belong here, please don't flame me, but let me know.

As Court can attest, this ebike quest was a two year struggle for me - trying to balance cost and living in Quebec, where riding after November is an adventure to say the least.

I finally bought a Golden Motors kit - 48 volt Magic Pie 4, with a 48volt 11 ah battery.
I did this because the pricepoint seemed right and there is a dealer in Ontario - also the Magic Pie motor promised enough power to keep me from falling asleep on the bike.

I first installed the kit on my old Hybrid bike, which led to a bone shattering rough ride.
I then lucked out with an old Izip bike from Kijiji where the motor and battery were finished.

I consider this now a pretty neat ride, especially with the larger tires and saddle. Its not a haibike, but it alos cost less, much less.

The it is holding up so far, you have to be careful to measure your distances as all you have are 3 lights to indicate battery status: green, yellow, and red. And it can go from green to nothing kind of surprisingly.
Right now I have a range of about 30 km in hilly country with almost zero pedalling, and thats fine with me.

The throttle is a bit rough, but again, if you use it with the cruise control button, it's ok.

Let me know if you have any questions, hope this helps.




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Yes, it's very heavy.
I guess it's like canoes, you want super light, you pay the extra $$$

At one of my jobs I have to lug it up and down stairs, which involves taking off the panniers and removing the battery.

As a test vehicle it works for me, for now.
I just can't get myself to accept spending over 2000$ on an Ebike and that's not going to change, unless someone gives me a pile of cash.. (Unlikely event)