Must do maintenance for Mariner


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I just got my Mariner and was fiddling with the construction to understand how the bike was built. I rode around 40kms on both road and off road. I opened up the box where the controller is located. Upon opening, I noticed crap load of sand, dirt, grass, bird poop, etc. inside the compartment, probably from my off road excursions. Then I noticed an opening to the compartment that is not sealed used for the wiring.

I strongly advise you seal this opening to prevent water and debris from entering the controller compartment. The wiring side of the controller is also placed facing the hole, so if there are any water entering through this hole then it will make the controller wiring stack wet.

See photo.

There's also a hole at the rear and another small on at the bottom, that you should seal too.
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It's been a week now with my Mariner. Love it to death! Having so much fun and feeling like a kid again.

I too noticed this hole. I was thinking of just some good ol duck tape across it. What are you planning on doing as a solution?

I really appreciate the full coverage fenders that @Voltbike added to this model bike. They didn't have to but they did. However, I did notice that due to the massively wide 4" tires some spray does get through. To protect this vulnerable electrical area I was thinking of adding a "mud flap" to the bottom of the front fender. We're getting a snow storm for the next 2 days so I should have some time to fix it up. Let us know what solutions you come up with! Thanks again!
I just shoved high density foam to partially fill the openin. Then I put a piece of black foam tape (I don't have any black duct tape handy) over the hole, and trim the piece so it goes over the wires. Then I used some hot glue to form a seal around the wires and the foam tape.
Sometimes holes in the bottom are there to insure good drainage, don't know this one but wanted to offer the thought...
I've found a partial solution to add protection to the wires and controller. Here I've cut of the tail end of a fat tire rear fender I had on another bike. I looks pretty clean and blends in well.


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I used clear silicone to waterproof that opening. As you can see there are a lot of cables inside and you really don't want to get water there.
Mud flap is a good idea to protect your feet from getting wet. I wished they made front fender longer (rad mini has it perfect)


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