Motor Not Responding

Davey Do

Goofy, Illinois
My Pedego Element motor stopped responding. The LED shows no error, all connections have checked and cleaned, including the battery posts, the indicator light by the crank lights when the assist is activated, but the motor does nothing.

In the past, when I've repaired a flat tire, if the wheel is not replaced just so, the motor doesn't respond, but an "error 6" reading comes on the display, which is not happening now.

I read somewhere on these forums that there is some sort of magnet, if not correctly placed could cause this problem. I used my wife's Element as a guide to assure correct wheel placement. I did note that the chain was closer to the tire than on my wife's bike, made the adjustment to no avail.

I took the controller out just to see if anything was awry, but there's just the module and leads, so aside from identifying the indicator light, motor lead, and possibly the lead to the cluster, nothing could be done.

I've considered switching wheels on my & my wife's bike to see if the motor responds on her bike. That would indicate most assuredly that the controller is kaput, but I fear that if the module in some way damaged the motor on my bike, it would do the same on hers.

I looked online for costs of the controller and could find nothing, so I called Pedego support. It took 3 times of Sean saying, "We advise you to take it to the dealer" before he finally gave me a $72 cost amount and I'd have to go through the dealer anyway. When I told Sean of my plan to switch wheels and if the motor worked on her bike, then that would indicate a malfunctioning controller he agreed, but then, for the 4th time said the take it to the dealer spiel.

BTW: Wheel and motor cost: $500.

Last Summer, when I was getting the error 6 reading, I looked online for possible Pedego fixes. Again: "Take it to the dealer".

Pedego, by all accounts, is not DIY friendly.

Sooooooo... what do you all think? And thanks for letting me ramble!
A few sketches:



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You may have already tried this but have you switched batteries with your wife's bike?

I've had similar problems with my Pedego Platinum Interceptor that turned out to be corroded internal battery contacts. They lost their spring tension due to heat buildup. They appeared to be clean from the outside but I had to open the case to get at the problem.

BTW, I called Pedego and they sent me a new set of contacts with no mention of going through a dealer.
Try disconnecting the brake cutout levers. Just the electrical not the brakes themselves.
You know, PedalUma, I saw another lead coming out of the controller box that went parallel to the motor lead, is that what you mean?

If I disconnect the brake cut out levers, I'm wondering what's that going to do. But first: where are they, and is this a fix or a diagnostic process?

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Okay, when you pull a brake lever it cuts the motor. Sometimes that fails and the motor is always cut. This is diagnostic. It could be the left or the right. Then order a replacement set from someplace such as eBay that uses the same connector. You will still be able to ride the bike but just don't throttle and brake at the same time. Kids in the snow would do that by using the front brake and giving it gas.
Thanks, PedalUma.

I disconnected both the right and left (rear & front) brake electrical connections without result.
Okay. So we eliminated an easy one. Sometimes displays fail. It is pretty common. First check to see if the (PAS) pedal assist pickup is within the thickness of a nickel (2mm) from the magnet (Hall) wheel of magnets at the bottom bracket. Next, see if the speed sensor pickup is aligned with the wheel magnet and also about 2mm away. Adjust these if needed. If still nothing, try using your wife's display on your bike. These are the easy things to check first.
I'm having a little difficulty understanding this, PedalUma.

First check to see if the (PAS) pedal assist pickup is within the thickness of a nickel (2mm) from the magnet (Hall) wheel of magnets at the bottom bracket. Next, see if the speed sensor pickup is aligned with the wheel magnet and also about 2mm away. Adjust these if needed.

Is the PAS located where the indicator light is? The light is near the bottom bracket? Where are the magnets? Are they, like, on the bearing area? And the speed sensor pickup- where is that?

Pics would be great if you have any, and I do appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
It looks somewhat like this. Look where the pedal arms, crank, attaches to the bottom bracket shaft.

This kind is sealed so you cannot adjust it.

The speed sensor magnet is on a spoke, it passes by a pickup like this.
Thanks for the pics, PedalUma. I'll see if I can assimilate and apply this info and will be back!

I intensely dislike it when members post a problem, advice is given, and we never hear from them again, don't you?

Out of respect and gratitude for you and your sage advice, I'm finally following up:

The problem with my Pedego Element was the controller. The dealer in the St. Charles store found the problem, remedied it, and charged me a fair price for labor & parts, so all is well.

Thanks again!
I'm glad you have a resolution to your problem and thanks for the follow up.

I'm now getting the same "see a dealer" spiel when I call Pedego tech support. Apparently, dealers have been complaining about being bypassed.

Since there are no dealers within a 3 hour drive of my location, I found one that will take my parts order over the phone and have it drop shipped directly from Pedego. Next best thing I guess but there is a dealer markup involved unless it's a warranty issue.