mont ventoux on haibike urban s and haibike trekking

¿The end the route. .....%battery ?Surprise....sduro trekkin is yamaha 250w assist 25km/h.....the urban s is 350w bosh assist 45km/h.....router 330 meters to 1850 meters....all up up up......the 2 ebikes the end route in same time.....I believe .....the cranck 36 and 48 in ebike yamaha great work. ...
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the xduro trekking was ( this weekend stolen) also a 45 speed . i am untrained , old and fat and it was hell for me , my friend could have done the trip under 1 hour . But i was happy that i had this bike . it took 1,5 battery to the top . Here in Belgium it is a plague for stealing bike's , mostly east european gangs . 4000 euro vanished :-(
The bike is the most stolen in the world, hurt by the loss, the route of 25 km and all climb ..... a record time, the descent has been easy,A cyclist must control his heart effort with respect to his age and think about what that means to the cyclists of the older group .... not counting if they take any medications that can have negative effects, know the weather and be prepared For the most adverse of the moment because 10 degrees celsius to 25km imply a freezing thermal sensation, stop on your route to drink, eat and regain strength.Good ebike.Congratulations
Try to make flat routes of 30 minutes, 5 days a week, 2 months and then think about ascending progressively, removing much assistance. ....