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So I am researching what type of mirrors to get for our bikes, just wondering what you all have or think of these two types?

So I like that the hafny ones don't require mods to the grips. My question is if there is enough room on the handlebars, especially on the shifter side to properly mount them? Since they are more interior of the bike, can you still see behind you easily, or do you have to position your arms in so as not to block the field of view? The anti-glare ones sound cool, but people report that they don't work great in low light conditions?

The mirrycle ones don't look bad, but I am nervous about cutting the grips and than not liking them later on.

Any others I should be considering? These bikes will be folded often for travel so that is a consideration as well.

Are there any that attach to the sena helmets, maybe this a better option? (But I guess that means helmet all the time)
I have tried similar mirrors to those you listed, my opinion on the bar end type mirrors is that they are too far away from your eyes, making the images too small to be useful especially if the mirror is curved. I find the mirror that sits up like the Hafny, with low amount of curves work the best. Haven't received my Lectric 2.0 yet so can't comment on the space issue. Cheers.
I use mirrycles on both bikes, and my wife uses a helmet mount in addition. Can't have too many mirrors or lights.
I use mirrycles on both bikes, and my wife uses a helmet mount in addition. Can't have too many mirrors or lights.
One on each side and turned in and my 250lb FA still allows me to see.

An old build with two.
Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 10.47.39 AM.png
Current Lectric XP 1.0 cockpit set up includes bar extension, mirror, stereo, headlight, bell, turn signals/brake light/flasher remote controller(paired to front and rear). Also a weird horn that's pretty loud. I plasti-dipped the mirror red and mounted the bar extension far left. Good visibilty, adjustable at multiple places(mirror surface/arm). Hafny makes some good mirrors and they have one that has a curved arm also. This mirror position is about the least eye travel I could come up with.
Amazing Bike Stereo/Light - I love this thing. Nothing wrong with riding in silence. But, this thing offers a whole nuther experience.
Mirrors (I plasti-dipped red)
Turn Signals w/remote
Bar Extension
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