Maximum width tire on the Specialized Turbo


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What do you think could be the maximum width tire on the Specialized Turbo?

The current tire is Specialized Electrak Armadillo, 60TPI, wire bead, 700x45c.

Appears to be about 3" wide? There seems to be about 1/2 inch room on each side to accomodate a wider tire.
700x45c is roughly 1.75" to 1.8". The manual lists compatible tires at 700x47. I have the fenders on, and there is no additional clearance with those.

Check out Peter White for some studded options (I am going by some of your other posts on the purpose). They have a 700x54c studded. May work. I can't find rim specs to find the inner width, which is important in knowing if the tire will balloon out (rim too narrow) or pinch and flat (rim too wide).

They also have a 700x45c studded tire that would be a drop in replacement.

Sorry if you are going after something else - I am assuming winter riding is the purpose.
yeah, the delivery of my winter bike has been gently pushed into November... The 700x54 is interesting
Hi guys

I'm running Conti 50-622 retros (28x2.0). They JUST fit - a mm either side. Awesome ride!...but then I do have a Pike suspension front end and a thudbuster too.

Then again I have zero space for fenders. Will have to cut something to shape.